Match patient sets and longitudinal sets are also available upon request. With our Central Laboratory Service, we can also provide any testing needed on any of our over 50,000 inventoried specimens or prospectively collected samples.

  • Hepatitis/HIV
  • Autoimmune
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Thyroid/Endocrinology
  • General Chemistry
  • Normal/Healthy Donors
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Cancer
  • Drugs of Abuse
  • ToRCH IgG & IgM
  • Diabetes
  • High Risk Population

✔ Samples are obtained by clinicians who are part of the Boca Bio’s Global Investigator Network, received and processed by BBL sample processing technicians and then archived in our Bio‐Repository.

✔ Sera and urine sample sizes ranging from 0.5 to 1,000mL. FFPE tissue ranging from individual slides to complete blocks. ‘Snap Frozen’ and fresh tissue ranging from several to hundreds of grams.

✔ Samples are stored at BBL’s Bio‐Repository facility in Coconut Creek at temperatures as cold as ‐80º C to ensure product integrity.

✔ Specimens are accompanied by a case report form (CRF) or clinical data that can include a donor’s demographic and case history (testing, therapy and family) information.

✔ Every sample is procured under IRB, IEC and/or MOH approved collection protocols.

✔ Each biological sample is characterized by various laboratory tests to obtain qualitative and quantitative data related to biochemistry, hematology, infectious disease serology, antigen/antibody detection and viral RNA and DNA presence.

Boca Bio can accommodate almost any request for specimen needs for your Discovery or Development phases of your product life cycle. Please contact us to discuss your current or near future needs at or (954) 449‐6126.