Human Cancer Tissues and Bio-Fluids

Our tissue samples are acquired through the use of rigorous standard operating procedures in procurement and processing. These procedures ensure collection and maintenance of high quality materials in the repository. Our freezers contain thousands of samples available for immediate shipment. Through our expertise in the human tissue procurement and processing, Boca Bio offers customers rapid access to high quality samples which allows maximum turnaround for experimental work and reduced experimental error due to poor sample quality. Furthermore, the detailed clinical information permits researchers to reach more definitive conclusions from their experimental results.

With access to clinically annotated paraffin blocks, Boca Bio has created one of the world’s largest in-house commercially available collections of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues. Specimen from Boca Bio’s BioBanx Repository is available, either as slides or blocks, with the availability of custom stains and other histology services. Our tissue blocks come from U.S. based as well as Latin American clinical settings, ensuring the highest ethical and quality standards. All of our affiliated sites follow the same strict protocols for tissue and data procurement.

All samples include an anonymzed data set with demographic information. Collaboration with select hospitals maximizes the availability of extended medical information such as hormone receptor status, chemotherapy and family history.  Many cases include outcome and follow-up information covering periods greater than 20 years. The Boca Bio Tissue Biobanx Repository supplies researchers with a convenient and cost effective way to select relevant cases from major types of cancer.

PATH Services

Boca Bio offers Histology Services to complement our tissue products.  Using state-of-the art technology, Boca Bio can process tissue samples that will meet your needs and accelerate your research. Boca Bio’s staff has extensive expertise and is available to discuss your custom needs.  These services include general and complex histological procedures.

Pathology Service for Researchers

  • Pathology lab services
  • Evaluation of tumor tissues
  • Consultation services

Sectioning of Human Tissue Samples

  • Paraffin Tissue
  • Frozen Tissue

Custom Histology

  • H&E stain
  • Other stains and services