Providing the information required for the next great innovation in medicine

Gathering samples from all over the world, our biobank has hundreds of thousands of samples; the building blocks for our comprehensive data warehouse.


Extracting the necessary components to chronicle the story of each sample. We gather and manage millions of data points all within our in-house customized LIMS.


Putting the puzzle pieces together to learn from our data, we're developing artificial intelligence technology to identify the correct samples for researchers.

Data is the Future

There is an unprecedented number of biological samples out in the world today. But samples on their own are useless. Someone needs to be analyzing, collecting, and storing the data harvested from these samples, so researchers can put it to work. Boca Biolistics' data analytics services are bridging the gaps between samples, data, and researchers.

Our goal is to help researchers put data from our biobank to work. The answers found within our data could help to change the future of health and medicine. We designed our data analytics services with researchers in mind. With our database, those in the fields of oncology, infectious disease and other areas of medicine and research are able to get the information they need, even on the rarest samples.   The future of life science technology lives in data. We believe that our vast data library can help drive research forward faster than ever. We've pulled together data from multiple sources from around the world to create a comprehensive database. The end result is data that's high-quality, confidential, detailed, and available now.

Total Data Solutions for the Scientific Community

Data Collection

Boca Biolistics performs in-house testing on many of our own samples. We also partner with other testing facilities to increase the amount of information we're able to collect on each sample. We standardize all the data and ensure it meets our exacting standards. That allows us to add to our growing datasets, creating an even richer database. The more information we can collect, the more useful our data is to the researchers who need it the most. By being obsessive about data collection, we can help ensure researchers are getting exactly what they need.

Data Storage

Boca Biolistics gathers millions of data points on hundreds of thousands of samples contained in our biobank. We store that data, managing it and looking after it until it's needed by research teams around the world. Our data team focuses on ensuring that the information is accurate, up-to-date, and useful to the people who need it the most.

Data Analysis

We're developing artificial intelligence technology to work on our database. By utilizing machine learning, we can help identify the right sample for a researcher based on natural language search terms. Our AI technology parses millions of datapoints within our collection to find the sample that matches the request. Using the power of neural networks to find valuable samples for researchers, we're combining deep learning with our deep database. We believe the answers to scientific questions lie within data, and we're dedicated to aid in the next big discovery. 

Data Reporting

We understand data isn't useful if it's hard to read. Boca Biolistics presents data in a controlled, standardized, and efficient way. This presents the desired data in an easily readable data-file. Data files can be customized while maintaining a standardized output. Let us supply you with helpful, easy-to-read data that's actually useful to your work.

Data Standards

Boca Biolistics commits to practicing the highest data standards possible. We are CFR-11 and ISO 13485 compliant. From how we express data to how we deliver it to researchers, we make sure our data meets and exceeds the highest standards.


Our teams understand what information the scientific community needs when it comes to researching new life sciences technology. And we know how to store, manage, and deliver that data in the best way possible. With this core knowledge, we can remove the roadblocks that may have existed before. Now science can move forward unimpeded.

It's the quantity, quality, and diversity of our data that's key. And that data is available right now.

You can leverage our data library to expand your research potential. Boca Biolistics has the data you need to fuel your research. We have the data analytics you need to uncover insights to drive your research forward. 

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