Providing the information required for the next great innovation in medicine


Gathering samples from all over the world, our biobank has hundreds of thousands of samples; the building blocks for our comprehensive data warehouse.


Extracting the necessary components to chronicle the story of each sample, we gather and manage millions of data points all within our in-house, customized LIMS.


Putting the puzzle pieces together to learn from our data, we're developing artificial intelligence technology to identify the correct samples for researchers.

Data is the Future

Ever-greater quantities of human specimens are being collected, but specimens alone cannot drive research. Data must be acquired, analyzed, and meaningfully stored such that it is accessible to the scientists who can put it to use in drug development and similar productive endeavors. Boca Biolistics' data analytics services are bridging the gaps between samples, data, and researchers.

To us, a biobank is not simply a repository of specimens. It’s a wellspring of information, both collected and not. Our goal in curating our 800,000+ specimen biobank is therefore not only to collect and store specimens, but collect and store the data they hold such that you can readily put that data to work in your research programs. We want to enable you to create the future of health and medicine. With our database, those studying oncology, infectious disease and scores of other indications are enabled to collect critical data on even the rarest samples. Working with partner institutions from around the world, we’ve curated not only a vast human specimen repository, but an extensive archive of life science data points. The result is data that is reliable, detailed, and available on demand.

The future of life science technology lives in data. Allow the data from our vast data library to accelerate your research goals. Contact us.



Data Collection

To amplify the amount of data collected on each specimen, Boca Biolistics performs in-house testing and also partners with other testing facilities. Data undergoes rigorous QC to ensure it meets our exacting standards and is harmonized with existing datasets, creating an ever-richer database. By being obsessive about data collection, we ensure researchers can get the data points they need to fuel discoveries.


Data Storage

Data is useless if it is inaccessible or becomes compromised. With millions of data points, data integrity means a lot to us. Our data handling, and storage practices are well-defined and built for security. We want researchers to feel confident in their data, and deservingly so; ensuring this means following the highest standards.


Data Analysis

We're developing artificial intelligence technology to work on our database. By utilizing machine learning, we can help identify the right sample for a researcher based on natural language search terms. Our AI technology parses millions of datapoints within our collection to find the sample that matches the request. Using the power of neural networks to find valuable samples for researchers, we're combining deep learning with our deep database. We believe the answers to scientific questions lie within data, and we're dedicated to aid in the next big discovery.


Data Reporting

Your clear understanding of the data is what will allow its translation into insights. Boca Biolistics presents data in clear, consistent, and standardized formats, while still having the flexibility to customize to your unique needs. Let us give you a head start on your journey to understanding.


Data Standards

Boca Biolistics commits to maintaining the highest data standards. We are CFR-11 and ISO 13485 compliant. From collection through analysis and storage, we ensure best-in-class data handling.


Data starts with specimens, but it certainly doesn’t end there. When partnering with Boca Biolistics, you get to choose how you want your data delivered. You can obtain biospecimens from which to generate novel data, you can tell us your needs and have us generate data for you, or you can obtain the data we’ve already analyzed from the samples in our massive human specimen biorepository.

“With the quantity, quality, and diversity of our data, your research can move forward unimpeded. Allow our data and specimen libraries to fuel your research. Let our data analytics capabilities uncover your key insights.

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