We are a hybrid CRO leveraging our vertically integrated model to build a life sciences biorepository with industry leading clinical and molecular data sets. 


Boca Bio’s vertically integrated platform with a data-centric modality provides true end to end solutions for accelerating the realization of cutting edge technological advancements.  BocaBio has been building one of the largest, multi-national, data-rich, commercial biobanks.

We are passionate about transforming patients’ lives and understand that we can accomplish this by driving the science of our clients forward.  We believe that good business means a better world.


BocaBio is focused on expanding our multi-national biobank. We target multiple indications.  With a sharp focus on Oncology, we also collect and store specimens from cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, neuro-degenerative disease and others.  We have been partners with the top 20 global pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to target and develop relevant diagnostic technologies and therapeutic drugs.   Advancements in cfDNA research and immunotherapies are a core focus for our future.


Our Clinical Research Services division has the experience, knowledge and commitment to providing the level of service and hands-on approach that our clients demand in order to bring these live changing medical devices and therapies to market.  Our team has been performing diagnostic clinical trials for 20 years and have been directly involved in some of the industries leading advancements.  Precision medicine is our goal.


Our CAP accredited reference laboratory provides a focused platform for comparative testing across multiple modalities.  We offer state-of-the-art services to patients and physicians in order to expand access to precision medicine, globally.  We strive to provide only the best access to testing for our patients.   Leveraging our lab capabilities to enhance development of new and better technologies is at the core of our business.

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