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The state of infectious disease research

Infectious disease research has been moving fast over the past 20 years.  There are still labs today that rely on culture methods to diagnose, test, and treat diseases. While culture methods are inexpensive, they are slow. And time could ultimately mean the difference between life and death for those patients. It also means slower development of treatments and prevention medicines. But that's been changing rapidly the last decade. The area of infectious diseases is advancing faster than ever before. New technologies are being put to work, fundamentally changing how doctors and labs are diagnosing and treating infectious diseases. Development of real-time PCR and other molecular diagnostic technologies has played a key role in this advancement.  Clinical and pharmaceutical trials number in the tens of thousands. They are pushing new medications and protocols for infectious disease treatment onto the market faster than ever. The market continues to expand, too, and the future projections promise even more growth.

We have been a contributor to the field of infectious disease development for 20 years and we aren't going anywhere.  



Resources Available

For more than 20 years, Boca Biolistics has partnered with researchers in the field of infectious diseases. We've established a reputation as a trusted partner who can provide the necessary samples, data and regulatory support needed to advance research.
  • Over 500,000 samples from around the world
  • Offering 300 different sample types
  • 70 different matrices
  • Dynamic inventory
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  • Full-service performance diagnostic and pharmaceutical trials
  • Global proprietary network
  • Access to wide variety of patient populations
  • Development of HIPAA-compliant informed consents, collection protocols and CRFs
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  • Array of platforms for comparative testing
  • Early adopters of relevant technologies
  • Expanding ID test menu
  • Clinical and R&D dual focus
  • Custom panels available


The days of waiting for cultures to develop are gone.

Today it is molecular diagnostics and mass spectrometry that are helping clinicians and lab technicians identify and treat patients. These diagnostic tools enable doctors to diagnose infectious diseases in a matter of hours instead of days. And a faster diagnosis means better outcomes for patients, who can receive effective treatments at earlier stages of infection.

The advancement in early diagnosis is also ending the unnecessary use of antibiotics in infectious disease treatment. When doctors have the right information at their fingertips in seconds rather than days, they can skip prophylactic antibiotic treatments and move straight to a focused treatment regimen that better for their patients. These tools are providing more than a simple diagnosis, too. New diagnostics provide doctors with data points on the specific strains and may even point to how the infection developed. Data science is now an integral component to precision medicine and patient wellness. 

This is the future of infectious disease management. It's thanks to ongoing research initiatives that these advancements in science are available to doctors and patients today. The diagnostic focus is on point-of-care (POC) treatment and better patient outcomes. POC has been advancing at a feverish pace in recent years.  Providing clinicians this data at the moment they see the patient is critical to quick and decisive treatment.  This saves lives. BocaBio has been involved in POC development for years and we are excited to see where it is going.

Boca Biolistics is partnering with researchers, clinicians, and patients who are pushing the science of infectious diseases forward.



The infectious disease market is expanding.

The number of clinical studies registered in the U.S. has grown every year, with current numbers hovering above 140,000. That shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, the numbers are expanding faster than ever. That's especially true in the area of antivirals and vaccines, where HIV antivirals and polyvalent immunoglobulins are dominating the infectious diseases marketplace.

Research teams dedicated to clinical and pharmaceutical trials will need to capitalize on these areas of market growth. That requires research that moves at a lightning pace, bringing new treatments to the market as quickly as possible. The competition of the marketplace will push companies to introduce more effective treatments that improve patient outcomes. Strong market areas will also help fund neglected disease research, meaning more patients than ever will benefit from results coming out of the lab.

To stay competitive in the expanding market, researchers will need to partner with companies which can move as quickly as they do.

Boca Biolistics is that company. As a boutique, hybrid CRO, we have the resources required for the development of new solutions for the infectious diseases market. We remove the logistic and regulatory hurdles that delay innovation. Finding solutions that move research forward faster has been our strength. We'll make sure you have what you need to stay competitive in the expanding infectious diseases marketplace.

Let get started on the future of medicine today.

Access to data-rich specimens required to fight the world's most serious diseases.


We curate specimens from diverse samples from around the world.

Viral Infections

Viral infections including HIV, hepatitis, influenza and STI's have dominated infectious disease clinical trial research over the past decade. The main emphasis has been on HIV research. There is an unmatched market for HIV antivirals. We support research initiatives focused on developing new, stronger antivirals that can stop HIV in its tracks. Boca Biolistics partners with HIV- focused research initiatives around the world to help uncover new solutions that can continue to improve patient outcomes and reduce the devastation of the disease. Today's HIV treatments focus on daily antiviral medications. These inhibit the development of the disease within the host and prevent transmission to others. But the future of HIV medication is exciting. It will include long-lasting injectables that replace daily pills. That improves patient success rates and makes it easier to manage the disease. Advancements in immunotherapy are also showing promise. Researchers are learning how the body can attack and eliminate HIV infections on its own.


Tropical Diseases

Researchers are making strides towards eliminating some of the world's worst tropical diseases. It may just be a few years before diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya are only read about in research papers. The future of tropical diseases medicine is moving forward thanks to coordinated efforts between the world's biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers and members of the scientific community working on these neglected diseases. The Zika virus outbreak in 2015 in South America spurred a massive coordinated effort between research teams around the world. They sought a cure for a disease previously believed to only cause a mild fever. The devastating effects on infants born to women infected with the virus created a ripple effect on communities for decades. The demand for specimens and data soared as researchers looked for ways to provide faster diagnostics and speed potential treatments to trial. Boca Biolistics was on hand to provide resources to teams, and our coordinated effort with the scientific community continues today.


Bacterial Infections

An emerging world-wide health threat is now bacterial infections. Antibiotics that were used to treat many bacterial strains are now becoming ineffective as antibiotic resistance is spreading.  The result is devastating high levels of morbidity and mortality from antibiotic-resistant infections. Proper identification of bacterial strains and possible antibiotic resistance is crucial for patients with a bacterial infection. Advancements in RT-PCR, microarrays and NGS have created improvements in diagnostic approaches. This is critical to ensure patients receive effective treatment while combating the antibiotic resistance crisis by reducing unnecessary prescribed antibiotics. 


That's just the beginning

Our biobanx inventory has more than 500,000 samples rich with data points. We keep our library of samples and data up to date, ensuring their quality through constant monitoring and safety controls. It's how we ensure the scientific community is getting the most value for every research dollar when they work with us. 

We're giving you access to the information that could unlock the next innovation in life sciences technology and patient treatment.



We're partnering with researchers around the world who are working on some of the most exciting innovations in the field of infectious diseases. No matter what milestones you are trying to reach, we have services that can lower your research costs, offer more value for your budget, and accelerate your research. We're here to make sure your infectious diseases research is moving as fast as the market.

Let our team provide you with the services you need to bring innovations to the patients who need them the most. Get in touch with our team to learn about how we can support your research efforts.

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