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We built Boca Biolistics' internal reference lab to meet the needs
of TODAY'S clinicians and tomorrow's health care research.

We created our state-of-the-art, CLIA and CAP accredited reference lab with the needs of our patients and their clinicians, but also scientific researchers, in mind. Our reference lab not only  provides the support that research teams need now, but it strives to anticipate the result they'd need tomorrow. We started with on-boarding of cutting edge technologies as well as routine platforms to accommodate a broad range of assays and tests.  Concurrently, we initiated the  goal of collecting data points on the more than 500,000 samples available through our biobanx. More data equals better research. This adds value to our library and helps scientists find the right sample at the right time, with the right data. It also accelerates the speed at which the scientific community can introduce new tests and precision medicine diagnostics into the health care market. We didn't stop there, though. Through our reference lab, we can now help research teams lower the costs of their projects by providing a comprehensive menu of clinical and comparative testing. That means every health care research dollar goes further when you work with the team at Boca Biolistics. The end result is a research initiative that is faster, smoother, more efficient, and on budget. And that's good news for patient health.

Core Testing Capabilities


A patient-centric model

Our reference lab offers a comprehensive menu of tests, from routine lab services to the most advanced molecular testing. We have achieved our CAP accreditation, ensuring patients and clinicians get results accurately and quickly. Clinicians  can access this data through our secure online portal, giving you access to the data you need as soon as possible.  Whether desktop, tablet or mobile device, this data is immediately available.   BBRL offers customized panels for the following: 
  • STD screening
  • Women's health
  • Wellness health
  • Cancer screening 
But that's just the beginning. You can view our complete testing menu online and find exactly what you need to provide your practice the right lab partner.


At the forefront of developing new diagnostic technologies

We have partnered with the top 10 diagnostic companies in the world for the last 5 years in development of new platforms and assays for patient testing.  We're making comparative testing even easy for researchers. We can collect and provide the required samples as well as perform the necessary testing at our facility. That means all the services you need are under one roof. We hold all our testing to the highest standards and are accredited by CAP. The end result is more efficient testing and results reporting without the hassle and expense of sourcing multiple companies. You'll be working with a single, trusted company who understands what you need from comparative testing. We deliver data quickly, so you can put the information to work.


Extracting the necessary components for each sample

Boca Biolistics reference lab is constantly collecting new data points on our library of samples. This allows us to expand our offering to the scientific community and help them get the most value possible from our biobank. More data allows us to connect researchers with the right sample at the right time, as well as anticipate their sample needs in the future. The era of Big Data in medical research is here, and we're ready for it.


Have questions about any of the testing required on your next research initiative? Call us. You'll speak to an experienced project manager in our reference lab who will get you the answers you need. We've partnered with members of the scientific community for more than two decades. Because of that experience, we have the insight and knowledge necessary to provide the best testing solutions possible.

Lower your research costs. Get the most data for your money. And move innovation forward, faster. Get in touch with Boca Biolistics to discuss our reference lab solutions today.

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