Turning diverse samples into big data to accelerate research

Infectious Disease

Boca Biolistics has been involved in infectious and tropical disease research for the past 20 years. We have partnered in the advancement of diagnostic technologies for viral infections from HIV to Zika by procuring specimens from around the world and making them accessible to the research community. We have been vigilant in the tracking of emerging diseases and putting our global global resources to work when needed. BocaBio will continue to increase the amount of resources we dedicate to the advancement of infectious disease diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Learn more » 


The future of cancer research is precision medicine, the advancement of which is being driven in part by recent advancements in liquid biopsy and immunotherapies. New insights about pathways and targets lead to new avenues of treatment. Companion diagnostics provide the critical information necessary to weigh ever-growing treatment options. Boca Biolistics is helping to remove the limitations of oncology research through turnkey oncology research solutions. With our massive biospecimen repository, in-house reference laboratory, clinical research capabilities, and big data analytics, BocaBio is ready to help you answer cancer's biggest questions. Learn more » 

Data Analytics

The future of life sciences technology lives in data. Our vast data library can drive our research forward. We've pulled together clinical data sourced from collection sites all over the world and combined it with testing data from our in-house reference laboratory to create a comprehensive database. Our team understands the scientific community requires access to information that is simultaneously broad and deep to successfully develop new therapies and diagnostics; data that is brought together by a substantial testing menu and a massive biorepository. And we know how to store, manage, and deliver that data in the most effective means to empower our clients’ studies. With this core knowledge, we can remove the roadblocks that may have existed before. Now science can move forward unimpeded. Learn more »