We are a specimen biobank, a reference laboratory and a CRO. Bringing together the building blocks to partner with our clients and drive science forward.
Together we share one vision, to drive science forward.

Joseph Mauro


Val Adia


Michael Morris

EVP Operations

Frederick Kiechle, MD, PhD

Medical Director

Magdalyn Elkin

Technology Group Leader

Samantha Ross

BioBanx Group Leader

Adriana Justs

Sales and Marketing Group Leader

Isha Parsana

Procurement Group Leader

William Hill

Data Operations Group Leader

Robin Schwartz

Business Development Associate

Mana Afshar

Biobanx/Reference Lab Technician

Marcin Kopczak

Account Manager

Rosario Gordillo

Clinical Project Lead, LATAM

Victoria Beck

Reference Lab Assistant

David Willoughby, PhD

CDx Advisor

Oleg Ovchinnikov, PhD

Bioinformatics Advisor

Benjamin Elkin

Data Analytics Advisor

We work as a team to satisfy our passion for science


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We have partnered with scientists around the world for the future of science.
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Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases: Infectious Disease Research

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Malaria: Prevalence, Epidemiology and Emerging Treatments

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