We're passionate about the future of cancer diagnostics and immunotherapies.

The next breakthrough in cancer research is on the horizon

Boca Biolistics is establishing itself as an industry leader in the world of oncology, helping to bring the next big innovation into the mainstream of precision medicine. We are present in each stage of the translational science spectrum from early R&D through patient health improvement. Whether it's proto-oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, we are at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy with our partners.  We are taking a lead role in the development of companion diagnostics and theranostics.  We accomplish these goals by removing the logistical issues that often hinder the research timeline. By removing these barriers, we increase the speed of innovation. By providing data-rich bio-specimens into the hands of researchers quickly,  we fuel research with resources. We drive it with data. And we partner with those who have a passion for solutions.



Turnkey Oncology Research Solutions

Our team is on a mission to drive cancer research forward. Connect with us today to learn how our resources can benefit your pipeline development.
Global repository of oncology specimens
  • FFPE tumor tissue, NAT, plasma, whole blood, urine
  • Extracted DNA/RNA
  • Comprehensive clinical and analytical  data set
  • Prospective and longitudinal collections available
  • QC process on all specimens
Targeted data generation
  • RNA, DNA and protein profiling
  • Multiplex protein profiling
  • small and long RNA sequencing
  • Ribosomal DNA sequencing
  • Whole exome next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Bioinformatics 
Theranostics and CDx
  • Custom development of predictive clinical assays
  • Analytical and clinical validation
  • Trusted partner for development of CDx

Pursuing the Study of Oncology

How is the field of cancer research changing for the better?

The future of cancer research will be patient-focused treatments that target cancer at the cellular level. Companion diagnostics is an exciting part of this area of oncology research. Companion diagnostics allows doctors to pinpoint specific protocols with the best chances of success for the patient based on particular biomarkers. Through companion diagnostics, personalized treatments meet the needs of each individual patient. It's the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time. That means we can say goodbye to best-guess treatment plans and hello to a future of better patient outcomes.

Researchers are zeroing in on solutions and finding new avenues of treatment every day. These treatments are being delivered via better, safer, and faster methods. We're partnering with those research teams to help them get cancer treatment innovations to market faster. We do that through a streamlined delivery of data, biological specimens, and CRO services that speed up research time while lowering costs.

And data plays a big role in every aspect of oncology research today. Through data analysis, researchers are developing precision medicine. It's a process of turning the vast amounts of available data into resources that pinpoint treatment options. But to do it, researchers need data that is accurate, diverse, and expansive. And when they get it, it can unlock answers that lower cancer treatment costs and raise survival rates.

Boca Biolistics is helping to remove the limitations of oncology research. Our facility puts the necessary specimens and data into the hands of researchers working on companion diagnostics and other areas of oncology research. And we do it quickly. Our oncology research tools can help uncover whether a patient is a good candidate for a specific treatment, trial, or therapy.

We're working with those at the forefront of oncology research who are developing what's coming next in cancer treatment. We're ready to partner with your research team to help further the study of oncology and unlock the answers waiting there.

Boosting the Body's Defenses with Immunotherapy

Could our bodies be capable of more?

Immunotherapy research is discovering new ways the human body can help fight cancer. This process is zeroing in on the body's natural defenses and healing abilities and learning how they can work against cancer. This could help eradicate certain types of cancer in the body and enable patients to recover from treatment faster.

Immunotherapies could also slow the growth of cancer cells or prevent cancer from spreading to new areas of the body. It may even teach the body how to destroy new cells as they form or prevent some cancers from ever forming at all.

Scientists are harnessing the body's own power and learning how to make it better, faster, and stronger. This expanding field of oncology research is seeing progress in treatments that target specific tumor types. One day, it could even result in a cancer vaccine, making fighting certain forms of cancer as easy as getting a flu shot. Our bodies could learn to target malignant cells, making the most effective cancer treatments the ones that come from within our own defenses.

Boca Biolistics is helping clinical researchers look at new immunotherapy research and partnering with others in the field to expand on this area of cancer therapy. Our team can provide researchers with the clinical and testing data points needed from around the world. Through our services, we can help speed up research in the area of immunotherapy while reducing research expenses. That way researchers can find the answers that doctors and patients are eager to find.


Is genome sequencing the key to more effective cancer treatment?

Researchers are currently combing through hundreds of thousands of variant genes. Their goal is to discover the ones related to cancer. Those oncogenes could hold the key to stopping certain types of cancer before they start. Genome sequencing is helping researchers understand how and why certain genes mutate and trigger cancer development. Whether it's environmental or a genetic predisposition, genome sequencing is a vital part of the oncology puzzle.

And once the pieces to the puzzle are in place, researchers can start to develop treatments to prevent those mutated genes from activating. That could help slow, stop, or even prevent cancer from starting within the patient's body. But to find and eliminate those activation triggers, researchers need access to genome sequencing data.

Boca Biolistics actively collects sequencing data for researchers. Our cancer samples come from around the world. We then use those samples to collect the clinical and testing data points the scientific community requires. We are eager to partner with those in the scientific community who can make the biggest difference in the lives of those fighting cancer. Our genome sequencing data is part of that mission.

Through our efforts of sequencing data collection, we're able to help oncology researchers unlock the secrets that lay within our DNA. Understanding oncogenes at the deepest level could lead to the next innovation in cancer prevention. We work with the teams who are the forefront of this field, removing the obstacles that might otherwise hold them back. If you are searching for the right genome sequencing data for your research initiatives, let's talk about how Boca Biolistics can help.


Can data change the way we approach oncology research?

Data matters. It's at the core of modern-day life. And it matters more than ever when it comes to the future of cancer treatment. Researchers, doctors, and hospitals all need data to make the best decisions for their patients. But data needs to be more than numbers on a page. It has to be reliably sourced, thoroughly vetted, and presented in a way that's easy to analyze.

Boca Biolistics delivers on data needs with our vast proprietary library. We drill down data so researchers get the required clinical information within their key parameters. We constantly update our database, too, so the scientific community has access to accurate information when and where they need it. It's the perfect union of data analysis and cancer research, available to research teams around the world in seconds.

Data will be a key factor in the development of the next oncology breakthrough. The answers lie in the numbers and information collected from hundreds of thousands of biological samples, clinical information, and the millions of cancer patients from around the world. But it will take the right team putting that data to work to find those answers. We're ready to partner with those teams to ensure their data needs are being met with a rich resource that adds value to their findings.

The era of Big Data is here. We're ready for it. Contact our team today to learn how you can put our data to work in your research.


What will the future of cancer treatment look like?

The limitations on cancer treatment that existed 20 years ago are gone today. Today, there are hundreds of different treatments, thousands of different protocols, and infinite possibilities. Researchers are finding more and more answers locked inside data libraries and biological specimens. It's leading to breakthroughs that are giving patients more reasons to be hopeful about their prognosis.

Today's research is targeting cancer at a molecular level, personalized to the patient's specific genetic makeup. Genome sequencing is unlocking secrets of why cancer starts in the first place. Immunotherapy is helping the human body fight cancer on its own. Precision medicine is tailoring treatments to give patients the best possible outcomes.

But what's coming next for cancer treatment? Boca Biolistics is partnering with the companies and research teams who will answer that question. We are supplying them with the resources, laboratory testing, and specimens required to bring results to the market in record time. And we'll do it all while helping them get the most out of every research dollar.

Creating a patient-centered approach to cancer treatment requires more time, research, and effort than ever before. But the results speak for themselves, and those are results worth pursuing. We're helping researchers realize those results and seeing the real-life impact it's making on patients around the world. We're passionate about helping researchers find what works for patients, then gathering the resulting data and putting it to work developing even better solutions for tomorrow.


It's time to answer some of cancer's biggest questions. With the right data, tools, research, and resources, we can find those answers. We're passionate about research. Exceeding our partners' need for oncology research is a core competency. Whether it's finding the right specimens or delivering important research insights, we're your partner. We have sites all over the world, eliminating logistical concerns. We source samples and provide data so you can focus on the research.  Let's create effective treatments that will help increase survival rates and the quality of patients' lives. Let's change the way we treat cancer and redefine expectations when it comes to getting a diagnosis. Boca Biolistics is helping to bring data-driven, patient-focused oncology research into the future. We want to be your trusted partner towards our common goal.  Get in touch with our team today to discuss your oncology research needs and how we can help you move medicine forward. 

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