We're passionate about the future of cancer diagnostics and immunotherapies.

The next breakthrough in cancer research is on the horizon

Boca Biolistics is establishing itself as an industry leader in the world of oncology, helping to bring the next big innovation into the mainstream of precision medicine. We are present in each stage of the translational science spectrum from early R&D through patient health improvement. Whether it's proto-oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, we are at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy with our partners.  We are taking a lead role in the development of companion diagnostics and theranostics.  We accomplish these goals by removing the logistical issues that often hinder the research timeline. By removing these barriers, we increase the speed of innovation. By providing data-rich bio-specimens into the hands of researchers quickly, we fuel research with resources. We drive it with data. And we partner with those who have a passion for solutions. Partner with us.



Turnkey Oncology Research Solutions

Our team is on a mission to drive cancer research forward. Connect with us today to learn how our resources can benefit your pipeline development.
Global repository of oncology specimens
  • FFPE tumor tissue, NAT, plasma, whole blood, urine
  • Extracted DNA/RNA
  • Comprehensive clinical and analytical  data set
  • Prospective and longitudinal collections available
  • QC process on all specimens
Targeted data generation
  • RNA, DNA and protein profiling
  • Multiplex protein profiling
  • small and long RNA sequencing
  • Ribosomal DNA sequencing
  • Whole exome next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Bioinformatics 
Theranostics and CDx
  • Custom development of predictive clinical assays
  • Analytical and clinical validation
  • Trusted partner for development of CDx


How is the field of cancer research changing for the better?

The future of cancer research will be patient-focused treatments that target cancer at the cellular level. Companion diagnostics is an exciting part of this area of oncology research. Companion diagnostics allows doctors to pinpoint specific protocols with the best chances of success for the patient based on particular biomarkers. Through companion diagnostics, personalized treatments meet the needs of each individual patient. It's the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time. That means we can say goodbye to best-guess treatment plans and hello to a future of better patient outcomes.

Teams of researchers are zeroing in on solutions and finding new avenues of treatment every day.These treatments are being delivered via safer and more efficacious methods. We're partnering with those research teams to help them get cancer treatment innovations to market faster. We do that through a streamlined delivery of data, biological specimens, and CRO services that speed up research time while lowering costs.

The quantities of data required to develop breakthroughs in precision medicine are increasing. The low-hanging fruits have already been picked. Sheer scale of data is insufficient to fuel successful research, however. Researchers need data that is accurate and up-to-date along with the knowledge to make sense of it. Bringing high-quality data together with skillful data analysis can unlock answers that drive oncology pipelines forward; pipelines that have the promise to improve the prognosis for millions of cancer patients.

Boca Biolistics is helping to remove the limitations of oncology research. Our facility expediently places the necessary specimens and data into the hands of researchers developing companion diagnostics, biologics, cell therapies, and other oncology breakthroughs. Our oncology research tools can help uncover whether a patient is a good candidate for a specific treatment, trial, or therapy.

We're working with those at the forefront of oncology research who are developing what's coming next in cancer treatment. We're ready to partner with your research team to help further the study of oncology and unlock the answers waiting there. Contact us.


We’ve come a long way from rituximab.

Consider for a moment that the first monoclonal antibody therapy was approved by the FDA all the way back in 1997. Oncology, and immunotherapies, have come a long way since then. We’ve witnessed the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors, immune system modulators, treatment vaccines, and CAR-T cell therapy. While someone from 1997 may find our progress staggering, and we have vastly improved the prognosis of many types of cancers, we still have a long way to go.

Boca Biolistics is assisting today’s cancer researchers develop the treatments of tomorrow. We have many human biospecimens from a wide range of cancer types in our over 500,000 specimen biobank. Our reference laboratory has the latest sequencing and molecular diagnostic capabilities. Our clinical research team has the global reach and institutional partnerships necessary to move critical studies forward efficiently.

It may still be a number of decades until we no longer need to fear the word “malignant,” but Boca Biolistics is helping to move that day forward. Partner with us.


Is genome sequencing the key to more effective cancer treatment?

Every cancer starts with genetics. Diagnosis, most commonly, is a matter of genetics. It should come as no surprise that sequencing has proven to be a critical tool in the development of both treatments and diagnostics.

Researchers on the hunt for oncogenes rely on genomic data, and there is no doubt that genomic data will continue to provide the information enabling many critical questions in cancer research to be addressed. When you need that genomic data, Boca Biolistics is here.

Our biobank contains specimens from over 41 different cancer indications. Our reference laboratory has the technology and expertise to rapidly and reliably turn around cancer genomes. Our clinical research team can find patients and institutions to provide samples or meet your trial enrollment goals. At the core is a driving motivation to continue collecting the data that will fuel tomorrow’s treatments, with data analytics and AI part of our core competencies. In other words, we can just about do it all.

Let's have a chat about how we can help move your oncology pipeline forward.


Can data change the way we approach oncology research?

Data matters. It's at the core of modern-day life. And it matters more than ever when it comes to the future of cancer treatment. Researchers, doctors, and hospitals all need data to make the best decisions for their patients. But data needs to be more than numbers on a page. It has to be reliably sourced, thoroughly vetted, and presented in a way that's easy to analyze.

Boca Biolistics delivers on data needs with our vast proprietary library. We drill down data so researchers get the required clinical information within their key parameters. We constantly update our database, too, so the scientific community has access to accurate information when and where they need it. It's the perfect union of data analysis and cancer research, available to research teams around the world in seconds.

Data will be a key factor in the development of the next oncology breakthrough. The answers lie in the numbers and information collected from hundreds of thousands of biological samples, clinical information, and the millions of cancer patients from around the world. But it will take the right team putting that data to work to find those answers. We're ready to partner with those teams to ensure their data needs are being met with a rich resource that adds value to their findings.

The era of Big Data is here. We're ready for it. Contact our team today to learn how you can put our data to work in your research.


It's time to answer some of cancer's biggest questions. With the right data, tools, research, and resources, we can find those answers. Whether it's finding the right specimens or delivering important research insights, we're your partner. We have sites all over the world, eliminating logistical concerns. We source samples and provide data so you can focus on the research.  Let's create effective treatments that will help increase survival rates and the quality of patients' lives. Let's change the way we treat cancer and redefine expectations when it comes to getting a diagnosis. Boca Biolistics is helping to bring data-driven, patient-focused oncology research into the future. We want to be your trusted partner towards our common goal.  Get in touch with our team today to discuss your oncology research needs and how we can help you move medicine forward. 

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