Supporting the Scientific Community With Our Comprehensive Biorepository of Specimens


Our library of more than half a million samples is helping unlock the future of life sciences technology. The Biobanx repository has been carefully built from the ground up with the scientific community in mind. Our ISO 13485:2016 certified specimen bank has been partnering with researchers for decades, developing our own knowledge base about what they need when it comes to driving their research forward with the use of biological specimens. Our team utilizes the best practices and highest standards in the industry for the collection, storage, and ongoing management of biological samples and clinical data. Always looking towards future research needs, we continually grow our comprehensive biorepository of human specimens.

Researchers know they can depend on us as a partner in specimen acquisition and generation of data. We're focused on continuing to expand Biobanx to support the scientific community and have shifted resources to accommodate the increasing need for cancer specimens in immunotherapy and fluid phase biopsy research and development. We are vigilant in our efforts to procure the highest quality human biological specimens and realize that the availability of these samples plays a significant role in the development of new diagnostics as well as the advancement of precision medicine. View our biospecimen inventory.


Why Choose Us?

BocaBio has been collecting, testing and providing human biological specimens to the IVD and Pharma industries for over two decades. We are a valued partner.

  • >500,000 specimens available
  • Cancer, Infectious Disease, Tropical Disease, GI disorders and more
  • Avg. TAT on in stock specimen orders <48 hours
  • Specimens from over 5 continents
  • Relationships with MOH's and IEC's
  • Experienced investigators
  • Research collaborations
  • Over 5 million data points processed
  • Continual data generation on inventory
  • Full comprehensive datasets on desired specimens
  • AI-assisted data analysis

Rigorous quality control so researchers get validated samples and data sets.



We work with a global, proprietary network of principal investigators to source and collect samples from 5 continents. This allows us to curate a diverse collection of samples that exceeds the needs of researchers working in a variety of life sciences applications. View our biospecimen inventory.



Preservation and traceability are the priorities of our experienced logistics team who ensure that all samples collected in the field are transported, registered, and stored rapidly and with strict adherence to protocol that ensures their quality and utility for future research. Biobanx is powered by our proprietary ERP system which provides immediate, on-demand data availability for any biospecimen while facilitating integrated services between our three vertically integrated business units: Biobanx, Clinical Research Services and Boca Biolisics Reference Laboratory. We have over 5 million data points on our stored inventory, and continue to generate more.

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Biological Storage

The integrity of biobanked specimens is paramount. To that end, we have 24/7 facility monitoring, backup power systems, and perform regular system checks to ensure the integrity of all specimens. Redundancy is built into all storage systems. We have the capability to not only store our own specimens but the ability to warehouse your critical specimens through our cold-chain logistics platform.



We provide an average turnaround time of less than 3 days on requests of samples or specimens from Biobanx. Orders are carefully packaged and transported by the best means available for safe and prompt delivery. With over 20 years experience with international transport and established relationships with all major courier services and specialty logistics companies, we can deliver the specimens your research demands no matter where you are located. Request a specimen.


Contact the Boca Biolistics team or access the Biobanx inventory online to find samples for everything from oncology to infectious diseases. We offer over 300+ sample sub types with 70+ matrices.

If you have questions or requests, our team is available to help you locate the specimens your research requires.


For all your research needs, you can trust that we'll get you what you need right when you need it. The Boca Biolistics team focuses on simplifying logistics to accelerate research, meaning your team can focus on getting new innovations to market sooner. We're ISO 13485:2016 compliant and understand the needs of the scientific community. It's why we're positioned as a leader in biobanking technology and services.

Put our dynamic sample library to work for your research. Connect with the Boca Biolistics team today.

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